Domestic new build extension case study

Insumate Case Study 1

Need for Insumate insulation support trays

This two storey new build extension requires a fast and efficient insulation installation method.
The Insumate system offers:
-A quick method of achieving consistent coverage of insulation without the risk of insulation compaction or sagging over time.
-Leaves a gap for down lighters to operate without risk of overheating.
-Alleviates the risk of wiring touching the insulation material and electrical fire risk.
-Compared to the insulation netting Insumate saves on average £280 during the build process.

Improving the build process through efficiency

Insumate trays can be installed simply using a hand held stapler and cutting implement. The 100% recycled polypropylene tray can be cut to suit any length, and the adjustable tray, extended to met any joist centre measurement. This provides a fast way to progress a build to the first fix stage.

During first fix activities, the Insumate system also provides a dedicated services void beneath the tray to run wires and cabling.
This project used both the standard Insumate 400 centre support tray and the Insumate adjustable tray, enabling all joist gaps can be insulated quickly and with ease. Ensuring insulation coverage across the floor.
This 10m2 area was insulated in less than 30 minutes by one person.

Dedicated services void created beneath the Insumate trays.


Tools required for Insumate installation include cutting implement, stapler and tape measure. This image also shows the adjustable tray (left) and the standard tray (right).

The finished project

With the floor fitted with Insumate, the first fix services can be installed on both the ground and first floor.
The holes within the Insumate trays, not only combat against condensation build up, but they also allow for easy inspection of the insulation coverage. The increased speed of insulation installation and streamlined first fix processes generate cost saving at numerous stages of the build process.




Full details of this project here