Energy efficient farm house rebuild

Insumate Case Study 2

Our client wanted a sustainable innovative insulation product to lessen the environmental impact of his barn conversion. Due to the space contraints within the barn, the Insumate trays chosen to work with the insulation had to be lower in height than standard, to fit within the joists. Insumate’s products, being flexible in their manufacture could be easily altered to fit the space constraints.

The resultant insulation installation works really well; an insulation level greater than required by present building regulations, is supported between joists, creating a great environment for the insulation to work towards its best thermal ability.

Most importantly, our customer also found installation very simple and quick, keeping his project moving fast, and providing a dedicated void for first fix services to be installed (above).

‘Insumate proved to be a quick and simple solution to an age old problem, time saved putting in insulation meant progress was fast and labour costs minimised. The green credentials of the product reflect well with the sustainable nature of our project.’