Insumate Underfloor Heating Retrofit

This project incorporated an underfloor heating system within its design. Therefore the Insumate trays were used to support heating pipes against the underside of the floor.

Being a retrofit project, the eco-refurbishers Bright Green Homes LLP, had to work within the intricacies of the building. In particularly, this meant finding a way to install sufficient insulation below an underfloor heating system, where the joists are only 4″ deep.

The low joist height can be seen in this image.

The choice was therefore made to lift the joists. This would offer enough space to install insulation, Insumate trays and underfloor heating pipes. The sub-floor sleeper walls where used to support the fibrous insulation, this meant that insulation would cover the entirety of the floor area.

Raised floor with additional insulation installed.

To ensure maximum heat is transferred from the heating pipes into the room, Insumate trays were used at 2omm depths to optimally position the pipes against the underside of the floor.

Insumate being installed at 20mm depths to support underfloor heating pipes.

By lifting the floor and installing additional insulation a  U value of 0.16 W/m2K was generated.

Play for full video blog from BrightGreenHomes on install.


Reproduced with kind permission from Bright Green Homes LLP.