Please find below Insumate Product Testimonials.

Using Insumate instead of conventional netting meant swift progress on our modular healthcare extensions.

Many thanks.

National leading provider of construction and facilities management. Eco insulation, sustainable insulation, recycled insulation, open web joist.



‘We are very happy with the installation of the Insumate product. It only required two labourers to install both the insulation and trays, simultaneously from above and below. This freed up the workforce on site to work on other jobs. Overall saving time and money.’





Insumate proved to be a quick and simple solution to an age old problem, time saved putting in insulation meant progress was fast and labour costs minimised. The green credentials of the product reflect well with the sustainable nature of our project.

Many Thanks

Matthew Nielsen CEnv.











I am pleased with the installation of Insumate within the main bathroom. There is a definite difference in temperature between the main bathroom and en suite.

I find your insulation far superior in retaining heat, therefore making it more economical, as the tiles retain the underfloor heating warmth for longer.

Wishing you all the best.


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