Cellar Insulation

Insumate prizes itself on being a forward thinking, innovative business. Therefore, we have developed a new variant of the Insumate system. A tray for insulating basement ceilings.

The Insumate cellar tray operates in the same way as other Insumate trays, however it is fixed at right angles to the joists of a basement ceiling. Each tray is therefore easily installed and jointed together. The Insumate cellar tray offers airflow regulation to the insulation material, as 70% of the underside is covered, along with a reduced risk of condensation build up. Installing Insumate and insulation within cellars will help combat the 15% of household heat lost through basements.

The flat Insumate cellar tray is 1200mm x 475mm in size and is lightweight and easy to install.


Cellar ceiling insulation supported by Insumate cellar trays.


cellar insulation ceilings


cellar insulation ceilings