Solid Joist Suspended Floor Insulation

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Insumate providing insulation support between joists on a suspended floor.

Installation for solid wood joists simply requires stapling from above. This secures the tabs which run the length of the tray. All trays are 1200mm in length and 100mm deep as standard.

The recycled polypropylene tray arrives on site flatpack in 1.2 m length ready for installation.

Due to its lightweight nature and easy installation, one person can install 50 sq/m of suspended floor insulation within 30 minutes. This can provide upton a 80% time saving compared to installing insulation support nets.

Insumate trays are available to cater for joists at 400mm and 600mm centres. Other sizes are also available upon request. All trays support 100mm insulation depths as standard. We are happy to discuss your insulation requirements, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Using Insumate trays aids your insulation material to work towards its best. The hole in the tray allow for a regulated ventilation level. This means that overtime the insulation remains dry and therefore retains a higher performance level. In addition, holding the insulaiton up against the underside of the floor means that heat is directly up in the room, instead of into the joist void.

All Insumate trays are 4mm thick, meaning that not only are they easy to handle, but also can be altered using just a stanley knife. This means pipework and cabling can be incorprated into a suspended floor with ease and speed. All this goes to ensure your project keeps moving.

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Insumate trays are also available to fit suspended solid wood joist and open web joist floors. For more details please click here.